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We serve as your dependable Insurance Broker in Greeley, Evans, Dacono, Fort Lupton, Severance, Mead, Firestone, Keenesburg, Platteville, Frederick, Eaton, La salle, Hudson, Miliken, Ault, Gilcrest, Kersey, Nun, Raymer, Pierce, Briggsdale, Garden City, Grover, Aristocrat Ranchettes, Stoneham, and surrounding areas.

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Navigating the complexity of Medicare alternatives may seem daunting, considering the multitude of plans and coverage variations. Our experts provide valuable guidance on the distinct elements of Medicare, assisting you in making well-informed decisions about your healthcare coverage post-retirement. Our primary aim is to ascertain you access entitled benefits, all while grasping the intricacies of costs and coverage options.


Under 65 Health insurance

Immerse yourself in a riveting exploration of the Health Insurance Marketplace® through our expert-crafted blog post. Born from the Affordable Care Act, this transformative revelation unravels the intricate web of shopping for and enrolling in affordable medical insurance. The cliffhanger moment arrives: discover your eligibility for lower premiums or savings based on income. Navigate through the captivating tiers – bronze, silver, gold, and platinum – each holding the key to diverse coverage options. Your healthcare journey begins, guided by the transformative vision of the ACA. Choose not just insurance but a personalized pathway to well-informed healthcare decisions.


Final Expense

Step into the realm of financial security with Final Expense insurance – the seniors' strategic choice. This expert-crafted blog post decodes the popularity of burial insurance, showcasing an affordable price, smaller benefit amounts, and a steadfast emphasis on comprehensive funeral coverage. Bid farewell to outdated policies that no longer resonate with your retired lifestyle. Explore the compelling reasons why Final Expense insurance, with its easy qualification process and a small death benefit tailored to your needs, is revolutionizing financial planning for seniors.


Life Insurance

Life Insurance – where commitments become legacies. Join our expert guide on a journey into the heart of financial security. Uncover the significance of this contract that guarantees a sum for your loved ones, transcending the uncertainties of life and ensuring a stable future.


Dental, Hearing, & Vision Plans

Enter the realm of Dental, Vision, and Hearing Plus insurance – your comprehensive health narrative. Our expert narrator unveils the orchestration where dental resilience, visual acuity, and auditory harmony entwine. The compelling cliffhanger: explore the treasures of the "Plus" plan, featuring comprehensive coverage, including orthodontics and implants. The protagonist's advice echoes – embrace preventive care, free from financial worries. This insurance, often underestimated, stands as the bulwark against unforeseen health disruptions. Elevate your well-being; embark on a journey where routine maintenance transforms into a strategic defense, weaving a health story of empowerment.


Hospital Indemnity Plans

Embrace a new era of healthcare resilience with Hospital Indemnity. As an authority in the field, I unravel the mysteries behind this insurance, designed to complement your existing coverage. Discover the liberating impact of direct cash payments, providing you with the financial cushion needed to prioritize recovery without compromise.


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Choose Cosi Agency for unparalleled security. Our commitment to your well-being distinguishes us in health and life insurance. At Cosi, experience personalized service and comprehensive coverage, ensuring you're not just a policyholder but a valued individual. Benefit from tailored solutions prioritizing your health journey and financial security. With competitive rates and a devoted team, make the informed choice — embrace Cosi Agency, where your health and life are handled by experts.

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Embarking on Quiet Adventures

Starting your Medicare adventure? Enlist Cosi Agency as your personal advisor. Beyond insurance, we provide individualized assistance, understanding your distinct needs. Enjoy the confidence of a companion securing your rightful benefits while simplifying the nuances of Medicare. Cosi goes beyond coverage; it prioritizes your well-being. Rely on us as your supporter, delivering transparency, competitive rates, and a devoted team. Personalized Medicare choices, a distinct expedition, and your tranquility our assurance. Choose Cosi Agency for a Medicare journey tailor-made for you.


Your income is essential to those counting on you.

Financial dependents, whether a spouse or young children, are a clear indicator to consider life insurance. This protective measure guarantees the financial well-being of your family or partner in the event of your demise, particularly if you bear significant debts like mortgages or provide for those who depend on your income.


Wellness issues

Continuous attention to our mouth, eyes, and ears is vital. Research consistently links good oral hygiene to improved overall health, underscoring the importance of regular dental care. Frequently underestimated, routine eye care is crucial for eye health and general well-being. Those with hearing loss may face isolation due to communication challenges. Focusing on these elements significantly contributes to overall health, promoting a more fulfilling and interconnected life.


Living paycheck to paycheck

Known as burial insurance, final expense insurance covers end-of-life costs, including funeral, medical, and legal expenses for your beneficiaries. Relieve your loved ones from the financial burden associated with your passing. This coverage addresses funeral arrangements, nursing home expenses, and legal matters, providing a comprehensive solution. Especially valuable for those without existing life insurance, it secures coverage for your loved ones' expenses post-mortem. Clients often prioritize this coverage to prevent leaving debts or bills behind, ensuring a financially responsible legacy.

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David Davenport

Should have done this 2 years ago but didn’t know. Enrique explained the benefits to me and besides saving money now have dental and drug coverage I didn’t have before.

Kristie Varoz

Enrique is very informative and answers all of our questions. Happy to have him on our side.

Stacy Sessom

Enrigue has been instrumental in helping me find quality medicare services. He found me a company that pays $75.00 monthly towards my medicare payment and found me great dental insurance.

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