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In our role as an Insurance Broker, our mission is to cater to your needs in Teller County serving Woodland Park, Cripple Creek, Divide, Florissant, Victor, Goldfield, Midland, and surrounding areas.

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Understanding the intricate landscape of Medicare plans involves navigating a complex network of options and coverage intricacies. Our specialization lies in delivering profound insights into the various facets of Medicare, enabling you to make well informed decisions about your retirement healthcare. Our mission is to secure the benefits you're eligible for, ensuring a clear comprehension of both costs and alternative coverage choices.


Under 65 Health insurance

Embark on a journey to healthcare empowerment with our expert guidance. Personally tailored for consumers like you, this revelation unveils a transformative service, simplifying the process of shopping for and enrolling in affordable medical insurance. Discover your eligibility for lower premiums or savings based on your income. Navigate through riveting tiers such as bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, each unlocking diverse coverage options. Your healthcare empowerment awaits you. Seize control, join me on the journey, and make informed choices. The Health Insurance Marketplace is where your choices meet empowerment, tailored just for you.


Final Expense

Dive into the secrets of financial tranquility during your golden years with Final Expense insurance. As your dedicated guide, I'll pull back the veil on burial insurance, offering an affordable, easily attainable whole life policy designed for seniors. Picture a modest death benefit that prioritizes comprehensive funeral coverage, liberating you from outdated policies that no longer cater to your retirement needs. Come with me on this exploration, where we uncover why Final Expense insurance is the favored option for seniors seeking a seamless transition into a worry free retirement.


Life Insurance

Embark on a journey to uncover the transformative power of Life Insurance with me as your expert guide. It's not just a financial commitment, it's my personal promise to protect your family's future. Join me as we delve into the intricacies of premiums, beneficiaries, and the profound impact this legally binding pact can have on your legacy.


Dental, Hearing, & Vision Plans

I invite you to submerge yourself in the tale of Dental, Vision, and Hearing insurance, an embodiment of holistic health wisdom. With our experts guiding me, I witnessed the graceful dance of dental strength, visual accuracy, and auditory tranquility. This insurance, often undervalued but fundamentally crucial, stands tall as a guardian against unforeseen health adversities. Embark on a personal journey where regular upkeep transforms into a strategic defense, elevating well being to new heights.


Hospital Indemnity Plans

Immerse yourself in the realm of financial empowerment with Hospital Indemnity. In my role as an expert, I illuminate the path to a healing process free of worries, emphasizing how this insurance becomes your steadfast ally in navigating unforeseen hospitalization costs. Join me on this enlightening journey towards securing both your health and financial well being.


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In the realm of insurance, Cosi Agency stands out uniquely. My commitment, as a representative, makes all the difference in health and life insurance. Here at Cosi, you'll revel in personalized service and comprehensive coverage, a transformation from being a policyholder to a cherished individual. The solutions you'll encounter are meticulously tailored, emphasizing your health journey and financial security. Infused with competitive rates and a team wholeheartedly dedicated, choosing Cosi Agency is a wise decision, ensuring your health and life receive unparalleled expert attention.

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Savoring the tranquility in retirement's quietude.

Embarking on your Medicare journey? Cosi Agency acts as your personal mentor, extending beyond insurance to provide tailored support for your unique needs. Revel in the security of a committed companion ensuring you access rightful benefits and decoding the intricacies of Medicare. Cosi represents your well being, establishing trust as your ally, delivering clarity, competitive rates, and an unwavering team. With personalized Medicare choices, embark on an individualized journey, knowing that your peace is our assurance in crafting your unique Medicare path.


Understanding the Paramount Nature of Your Income

The presence of financial dependents, like a spouse or young children, underscores the importance of delving into life insurance. This vital financial defense assures the economic stability of your family or partner in the event of your untimely passing, providing crucial protection against substantial debts such as mortgages and supporting dependents.


Routine Care Neglect: A Gateway to Serious Health Conditions and Complications

Ensuring continuous care for our oral, visual, and auditory well being is imperative. Research consistently substantiates the positive influence of meticulous oral hygiene on overall health, underscoring the importance of regular dental check ups. Often underestimated, routine eye care emerges as a pivotal factor in sustaining eye health and holistic well-being. Individuals experiencing hearing loss may confront isolation resulting from communication challenges. Prioritizing these facets is fundamental for comprehensive health, cultivating a more enriched and interconnected life.


Navigating Life's Risks, The Absence of a Financial Safety Cushion

Final expense insurance acts as a financial safeguard, shielding your beneficiaries from end of life expenses like funeral, medical, and legal costs. This coverage provides crucial relief, easing the financial burden that may accompany your passing. A comprehensive solution, it spans funeral arrangements, nursing home expenses, and legal matters, ensuring complete protection. Particularly advantageous for individuals without existing life insurance, this coverage guarantees financial support for your loved ones' post-mortem expenses, allowing you to leave a legacy free from financial burdens.

What our customers are saying

Lynn G

Enrique is so patient and knowledgeable and helped me choose the best plan for myself. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to sign up at any time of the year. Like myself, I just turned 65 to get on Medicare. He explains everything in detail so that you can make the best decision possible. I will continue to sign up with him every plan year since I know that I can count on him to help me through the process.

Roselle W

Enrique was a great help to me setting up my medicate insurance. Look forward to working with him again, when I set up my social security.

Susan T.

Enrique has an extensive knowledge of Medicare and all that is involved when choosing the right coverage. He was patient with our questions and answered all of them. I would highly recommend him.

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