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Count on us, your Insurance Broker. We serve Lakewood, Golden, Wheat Ridge, Evergreen, Morrison, Edgewater, Ken Caryl, Conifer, Kittredge, Indian Hills, Idledale, Mountain view, Aspen Park, Lakeside, Genesee, West Pleasant View, East Pleasant View, and surrounding areas.

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Navigating the realm of Medicare choices can be perplexing, with the multitude of plans and coverage intricacies. We excel in providing expert advice on the different aspects of Medicare, guiding you to make informed choices about your healthcare coverage post-retirement. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you access entitled benefits, fostering a clear understanding of costs and coverage options.


Under 65 Health insurance

Dive into the heart of healthcare empowerment with our experts on Health Insurance Marketplace. This transformative service, born from the Affordable Care Act, unravels a seamless journey in shopping for and enrolling in affordable medical insurance. The moment has arrived: discover eligibility for lower premiums or savings based on income. Navigate through captivating tiers – bronze, silver, gold, and platinum – each offering a diverse array of coverage options. Your healthcare destiny is guided by the impactful legacy of the ACA. Choose not just insurance but a pathway to a well-informed and empowered health future.


Final Expense

Embark on a journey towards financial tranquility in your golden years with Final Expense insurance. This experts unveils the keys to its popularity among seniors, showcasing an affordable price, smaller benefit amounts, and an unwavering emphasis on comprehensive funeral coverage. Bid farewell to outdated policies that no longer align with your needs. Discover how Final Expense insurance, with its easy qualification process and a small death benefit tailored just for you, can be the perfect solution for a worry-free retirement.


Life Insurance

In the realm of Life Insurance, promises become legacies. Join our expert guide on an enlightening journey into the heart of this contract, exploring how it goes beyond premiums and policies, ensuring that your loved ones receive a guaranteed sum, creating a foundation for a secure future.


Dental, Hearing, & Vision Plans

Venture into the universe of Dental, Vision, and Hearing. Our expert's narrative unveils the symbiotic dance of dental resilience, visual precision, and auditory harmony. Let preventive care be your shield against financial burdens. This insurance, underestimated yet indispensable, emerges as the guardian against unforeseen health challenges. Elevate your well-being; traverse a path where routine maintenance evolves into a strategic defense, ensuring your health tale is one to be triumphant.


Hospital Indemnity Plans

Amidst the unpredictability of health, find solace in the fortress of Hospital Indemnity. Join me, an expert in the field, as I unravel the profound impact of this insurance, transforming your hospitalization experience. From cash payments to tailored benefits, embark on a journey of resilience that ensures your focus remains steadfast on recuperation, not financial strain.


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Choose Cosi Agency for unmatched tranquility. Our commitment to your well-being is the cornerstone of health and life insurance. At Cosi, relish personalized service and all-encompassing coverage, elevating you beyond a policyholder to a cherished individual. Experience tailored solutions emphasizing your health journey and financial security. With competitive rates and a committed team, make the discerning choice. Opt for Cosi Agency, where your health and life are skillfully handled.

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Signs You Need Cosi Agency


You play a pivotal role in your family's financial stability

Life insurance should be on your radar when you have financial dependents, whether a spouse or young children. This financial safety net ensures the economic well being of your family or partner in the unfortunate event of your death, offering crucial protection against substantial debts like mortgages or providing for those who depend on your income.


Transitioning to Calmer Pastures

Venturing into Medicare? Allow Cosi Agency to be your personal mentor. Going beyond insurance, we furnish tailored support, understanding your unique needs. Experience the peace of mind with a companion securing your rightful benefits and navigating the intricacies of Medicare. Cosi signifies more than just coverage; it signifies your well-being. Trust us as your ally, ensuring clarity, competitive rates, and an unwavering team. Personalized Medicare options, an individualized journey, and your peace of mind our vow. Opt for Cosi Agency, where your Medicare route is uniquely curated.


Health difficulties

Persistent care for our mouth, eyes, and ears is vital. Studies highlight the positive impact of good oral hygiene on overall health, emphasizing the necessity of regular dental check-ups. Often underestimated, routine eye care plays a pivotal role in maintaining eye health and overall well-being. Individuals with hearing loss may face isolation due to challenges in communication. Focusing on these aspects is crucial for comprehensive health, fostering a more enriched and interconnected life.


Persistent debt burden

Final expense insurance, also termed burial insurance, covers end-of-life expenses, spanning funeral, medical, and legal costs for your beneficiaries. Spare your loved ones from the financial stress linked to your passing. This coverage encompasses funeral arrangements, nursing home expenses, and legal matters, offering a comprehensive solution. Particularly beneficial for those without existing life insurance, it secures coverage for your loved ones' post-mortem expenses. Clients often prioritize this coverage to prevent leaving behind debts or bills, ensuring a financially responsible legacy.

What our customers are saying

Leo Dorsch

Enrique not only underwrote a meal at Jose Muldoon's where he presented a Medicare 101 class, he also met with me to discuss my Medicare options. He is patient and thorough and only wants the best for those who seek his advice as the plan that is best for me will net him ZERO in commissions. I recommend Enrique to anyone wanting an honest, patient, Medicare advisor.

Deborah Chadwick

whoever you are if you need insurance this is who to call! I have been with the agency for 2yrs. Enrique is someone who listens to my needs and comes through every time. He is a warrior with a humble heart and deep convictions that guide his life and his practice. He is a bright star!

Bill S

I first met Enrique Rivera of the Cosi Agency at a seminar regarding the ins and outs of medicare and additional medical options. It was obvious to me and my wife that Enrique had taken the time to educate himself on the many aspects of the programs. We met subsequently and discussed my specific needs and from that he created a number of options to choose from. I am quite pleased with the initial service and the continual followup keeping me in the loop of the ever changing Medicare program

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