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As your Insurance Broker, we're committed to tailoring insurance solutions to your specific requirements. Services in Fremont, Canon City, Florence, Cotopaxi, Penrose, Rockvale, Coal Creek, Howard, Coal, dale, Brookside, Williamsburg, Lincoln Park, Adelaide, and surrounding areas.

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The complex landscape of Medicare plans resembles a multifaceted journey, given the myriad of options and coverage subtleties. We specialize in offering expert perspectives on the various dimensions of Medicare, enabling you to make informed choices about your retirement healthcare. Our mission is to secure the benefits you qualify for, guaranteeing a clear understanding of costs and alternative coverage possibilities.


Under 65 Health insurance

Healthcare empowerment unfolds as individuals unlock the gates with expert guidance. Tailored for savvy consumers, this revelation unveils a transformative service, simplifying the process of shopping for and enrolling in affordable medical insurance. They discover eligibility for lower premiums or savings based on income. Navigating riveting tiers bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Each unlocks diverse coverage options. Healthcare empowerment awaits them. They seize control, join the journey, and make informed choices. The Health Insurance Marketplace is where their choices meet empowerment, tailored just for them.


Final Expense

Seniors can uncover the pathway to financial peace in their golden years with Final Expense insurance. Our experts lift the curtains on burial insurance, presenting seniors with an affordable, easy-to-qualify for whole life policy. Imagining a modest death benefit prioritizing comprehensive funeral coverage, they can break free from traditional policies that no longer align with retirement needs. Join them as they unravel the reasons Final Expense insurance is becoming the preferred choice for seniors navigating a seamless transition into a worry-free retirement.


Life Insurance

Individuals are encouraged to explore the transformative power of Life Insurance with our expert guide. Beyond being a financial commitment, it stands as a promise to safeguard their families' futures. Delving into the intricacies of premiums, beneficiaries, and the profound impact, this legally binding pact can significantly shape their legacies.


Dental, Hearing, & Vision Plans

Step into the legend of Dental, Vision, and Hearing insurance a holistic health revelation. Guided by their expert, observers marvel at the ballet of dental resilience, visual precision, and auditory serenity. This insurance, frequently underestimated yet paramount, emerges as the guardian against unforeseen health challenges. Well being is elevated as individuals traverse a journey where routine maintenance evolves into a strategic defense.


Hospital Indemnity Plans

Explore financial empowerment with Hospital Indemnity under the guidance of an expert. In this role, the expert illuminates the path to a worry-free healing process, emphasizing how this insurance transforms into an ally for navigating unforeseen hospitalization costs. Individuals are encouraged to join in this enlightening journey toward securing both health and financial well-being.


Contact Cosi Agency to jumpstart your path to financial security and peace of mind. A simple click reveals exclusive life and health insurance options, marking the beginning of your journey towards unparalleled assurance.


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My commitment sets Cosi Agency apart in the realm of health and life insurance. Enjoy personalized service and extensive coverage, transforming from a policyholder to a cherished individual at Cosi. The tailored solutions I offer uniquely emphasize your health journey and financial security. With competitive rates and a team committed to excellence, choosing Cosi Agency is the wise decision that guarantees your health and life will receive expert attention.

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Signs You Need Cosi Agency


Discovering joy within retirement's serene quiet

Embark on your Medicare journey with Cosi Agency, your dedicated mentor in the realm of health. Going beyond traditional insurance, we extend personalized support to understand and meet your unique needs. Immerse yourself in the security of a dedicated companion, ensuring you access rightful benefits while unraveling the intricacies of Medicare. Cosi stands as a representation of your well-being, a trusted ally delivering clarity, competitive rates, and an unwavering team. Navigate your journey with personalized Medicare choices, an individualized path, and the unwavering assurance of peace.


The Critical Role Your Income Plays for Dependents

Financial dependents, such as a spouse or young children, necessitate the consideration of life insurance. This vital financial safeguard guarantees the economic stability of your family or partner in the event of your untimely passing, offering crucial protection against substantial debts like mortgages or supporting dependents.


A Predisposition to Health Condition Complications

Sustaining continuous care for our mouth, eyes, and ears is paramount for overall health. Studies persistently validate the favorable impact of thorough oral hygiene on general well-being, highlighting the importance of regular dental check ups. The significance of routine eye care is commonly overlooked but proves crucial for maintaining eye health and holistic well being. Those contending with hearing loss may find themselves isolated due to communication challenges. Prioritizing these aspects is fundamental for comprehensive health, fostering a more enriched and interconnected life.


The Unsettling Reality of No Safety Net

Ensure your family's financial stability with final expense insurance, a crucial defense against end of life costs. This coverage spans funeral, medical, and legal expenses, alleviating the financial burden on your loved ones. A comprehensive solution, it covers funeral arrangements, nursing home expenses, and legal matters, offering complete protection. Especially advantageous for those without existing life insurance, this coverage guarantees financial support for your loved ones' post-mortem expenses, ensuring a legacy free from financial hardships.

What our customers are saying

Ronald Blume

Very informative and answered all questions. Being retired military he showed me how to save money by going with Humana as the best option. Worth giving him a call to check out your options.


I met Enrique Rivera as I went to a luncheon he was having four people coming up on retirement age and looking for Social Security supplemental insurance. I was very impressed with his luncheon and his approach to everything. He was helpful in answering everyone's questions, when we sat down at a luncheon or a coffee break later on as the week(s) over time went on, he was very helpful, explaining and answering any and all questions I might add, he delved into my life and how my life in the future is going to progress and since I had VA,(more)


Enrique was so helpful in helping with a Medicare plan that was right for me. Different options were presented in a very informative way. I appreciate the way all my questions were answered.

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