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Dedicated to serving you, our role as an Insurance Broker involves meeting your distinct needs. Services in Clear Creek, Idaho springs, Georgetown, Silver Plume, Empire, Saint Mary's, Downieville-Lawson-Dumont, Upper Bear Creek, and surrounding areas.

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Untangling the intricate web of Medicare plans is similar to decrypting intricate patterns, considering the diverse options and nuances in coverage. We specialize in delivering insightful guidance on the different facets of Medicare, empowering you to make informed choices regarding your retirement healthcare. Our mission is to safeguard the benefits you're entitled to, ensuring a transparent comprehension of costs and alternative coverage choices.


Under 65 Health insurance

The team is eager to unlock the gates to healthcare empowerment with expert guidance. Tailored for savvy consumers, this revelation unfolds a transformative service, simplifying the process of shopping for and enrolling in affordable medical insurance. Discovering eligibility for lower premiums or savings based on income is a key focus. Healthcare empowerment awaits. Seizing control, joining the journey, and making informed choices become the team's focus.


Final Expense

Seniors are invited to dive into the secrets of financial tranquility during their golden years with Final Expense insurance. The dedicated guide pulls back the veil on burial insurance, offering an affordable, easily attainable whole life policy. They can picture a modest death benefit ensuring comprehensive funeral coverage, liberating them from outdated policies that no longer cater to retirement needs. Join the journey as experts unveil why Final Expense insurance is the favored option for seniors seeking a seamless transition into a worry free retirement.


Life Insurance

Potential clients are urged to embark on an exploration of the transformative power of Life Insurance with our expert guide. Extending beyond financial commitment, it represents a promise to secure their families' futures. Uncover the intricacies of premiums, beneficiaries, and the profound impact that this legally binding pact can have on their legacies.


Dental, Hearing, & Vision Plans

In the legend of Dental, Vision, and Hearing insurance, individuals are invited to witness a holistic health revelation. Guided by the experts, they marvel at the ballet of dental resilience, visual precision, and auditory serenity. This insurance, often underestimated yet paramount, stands as a guardian against unforeseen health challenges. Participants elevate their well-being, traversing a journey where routine maintenance evolves into a strategic defense.


Hospital Indemnity Plans

Individuals are invited to delve into the world of financial empowerment through Hospital Indemnity, guided by an expert. In this role, the expert sheds light on the path to a healing process free of worries, highlighting how this insurance serves as an ally for navigating unforeseen hospitalization costs. Participants are encouraged to embark on this enlightening journey, ensuring the safeguarding of both health and financial well being.


Take the first step towards securing your future. Click to explore exclusive life and health insurance options, commencing your journey towards unparalleled security and peace of mind with ease.


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At Cosi Agency, I take pride in our commitment that uniquely sets us apart in health and life insurance. Delight in personalized service and comprehensive coverage, transcending from a policyholder to a cherished individual. The solutions I provide are meticulously tailored, emphasizing your health journey and financial security. With competitive rates and a dedicated team, making the wise choice to select Cosi Agency ensures your health and life will receive expert attention.

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Signs You Need Cosi Agency


Luxuriate in the peaceful stillness of retirement

Commencing your Medicare expedition? Cosi Agency is your personal mentor, going beyond insurance to provide tailored support that recognizes your distinct needs. Revel in the security of a committed companion ensuring you access rightful benefits and decoding the intricacies of Medicare. Cosi represents your well-being, establishing trust as your ally, delivering clarity, competitive rates, and an unwavering team. With personalized Medicare choices, embark on an individualized journey, knowing that your peace is our assurance in crafting your unique Medicare path.


Guardianship of Livelihoods

The duty of providing for a spouse or young children accentuates the need for life insurance. This essential financial safety net secures the economic well being of your family or partner in the event of your untimely demise, providing vital protection against substantial debts and the support required for dependents.


Overlooking Routine Health Checks

Consistent care for our mouth, eyes, and ears is indispensable for holistic well-being. Scientific research consistently confirms the positive consequences of diligent oral hygiene on overall health, underscoring the necessity of regular dental check-ups. The importance of routine eye care is frequently underestimated but is critical for maintaining eye health and overall well being. Individuals dealing with hearing loss may grapple with isolation resulting from communication challenges. Prioritizing these facets is essential for comprehensive health, cultivating a more enriched and interconnected life.


The Harsh Realities of No Financial Safety Net

Final expense insurance acts as a financial safeguard, shielding your beneficiaries from end of life expenses like funeral, medical, and legal costs. This coverage provides crucial relief, easing the financial burden that may accompany your passing. A comprehensive solution, it spans funeral arrangements, nursing home expenses, and legal matters, ensuring complete protection. Particularly advantageous for individuals without existing life insurance, this coverage guarantees financial support for your loved ones' post-mortem expenses, allowing you to leave a legacy free from financial burdens.

What our customers are saying

Kim H

Enrique "EJ" was very professional, patient and helpful. He answered all our questions and was thorough in going over our options and comparing plans so we could make the best decision in choosing the best plan for us. He has been great with follow-up to make sure everything is going ok and we are able to utilize our extra benefits.

Ted Blacker

Enrique was thoughtful, very knowledgable and went out of his way to handle our unique situation. We were very pleased.

Susan Townsend

Very knowledgeable and helpful! Really cares about his customers! So blessed to have found him!

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