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Navigating the elaborate tapestry of Medicare plans can be akin to deciphering a complicated script, considering the diverse options and nuances in coverage. Our expertise lies in providing expert insights into the different facets of Medicare, empowering you to make educated choices regarding your retirement healthcare coverage. Our mission is to secure the benefits you're eligible for, ensuring a clear understanding of costs and coverage alternatives.


Under 65 Health insurance

I'm excited to embark on you journey to healthcare empowerment with our expert guidance. Tailored for savvy consumers like you, this revelation unfolds a transformative service, simplifying the process of shopping for and enrolling in affordable medical insurance. You will discover eligibility for lower premiums or savings based on your income. Navigating through riveting tiers bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Each unlocks diverse coverage options. Your healthcare empowerment awaits. Seize control, join the journey, and make informed choices. Tailored just for you.


Final Expense

Allow me to guide you on the pathway to financial peace in your senior years with Final Expense insurance. As your dedicated expert, I'll lift the veil on burial insurance, providing seniors with an affordable, easy to qualify for whole life policy. Imagine a modest death benefit prioritizing comprehensive funeral coverage, liberating you from the constraints of outdated policies that no longer cater to your retirement needs. Join me on this enlightening journey, as we explore why Final Expense insurance is emerging as the preferred choice for seniors embracing a seamless transition into a worry free retirement.


Life Insurance

Come with me on a personal exploration of the transformative power of Life Insurance. It's not just about finances; it's my promise to protect your family's future. Let's navigate the complexities of premiums, beneficiaries, and understand the far reaching impact this legally binding pact has on your legacy.


Dental, Hearing, & Vision Plans

As I immerse myself in the legend of Dental, Vision, and Hearing insurance, the holistic health revelation unfolds. Guided by our expert, I witness the ballet of dental resilience, visual precision, and auditory serenity. This insurance, often underestimated yet paramount, stands as the guardian against unforeseen health challenges. My well being elevates as I traverse a journey where routine maintenance evolves into a strategic defense.


Hospital Indemnity Plans

Embark on a journey with me into the world of financial empowerment through Hospital Indemnity. In my role as an expert, I clarify the path to a healing process devoid of worries, highlighting how this insurance becomes your steadfast ally in navigating unforeseen hospitalization costs. Join me on this enlightening expedition, ensuring both your health and financial well being are safeguarded.


Commence your journey towards a secure future. Exclusive life and health insurance options await with just a click, leading you to unprecedented peace of mind and the assurance of financial stability.


Why Choose Us

Step into the unique world of Cosi Agency, where my commitment distinguishes us in health and life insurance. Revel in personalized service and expansive coverage, transitioning from a policyholder to a cherished individual. The solutions I present are intricately tailored, emphasizing your distinct health journey and financial security. Infused with competitive rates and a dedicated team, making the wise choice to select Cosi Agency ensures your health and life will receive expert attention.

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Signs You Need Cosi Agency


Basking in the hush of retirement's peacefulness

Kickstart your Medicare voyage with Cosi Agency, your personal mentor in the field of health. Beyond typical insurance, we provide personalized support for your specific needs. Take comfort in the security of a dedicated companion guiding you to access rightful benefits and decode the intricacies of Medicare. Cosi symbolizes your well being and positions itself as a trusted ally, delivering clarity, competitive rates, and an unwavering team. Your journey with us includes personalized Medicare choices, a distinct path, and the assurance of peace.


The Backbone of Security

The responsibility of providing for a spouse or young children makes exploring life insurance imperative. This indispensable financial shield ensures the economic security of your family or partner in the unfortunate event of your death, offering crucial protection against substantial debts such as mortgages and the support required for dependents.


The Perils of Neglecting Routine Health Care

Uninterrupted care for our mouth, eyes, and ears stands as a cornerstone for overall well being. Scientific research consistently affirms the positive outcomes of dedicated oral hygiene on general health, emphasizing the necessity of regular dental check-ups. Frequently undervalued, routine eye care proves essential for maintaining eye health and holistic well being. Individuals coping with hearing loss may confront isolation due to communication difficulties. Giving precedence to these facets is central for comprehensive health, fostering a more enriched and interconnected life.


Facing Life's Uncertainties Without a Financial Safety Net

Provide a protective shield for your loved ones with final expense insurance, safeguarding them from end of life financial obligations. This essential coverage encompasses funeral, medical, and legal costs, alleviating the financial burden your passing may impose. A comprehensive solution, it extends to cover funeral arrangements, nursing home expenses, and legal matters, ensuring a thorough safety net. Particularly beneficial for those without existing life insurance, this coverage secures financial support for your loved ones' post-mortem expenses, allowing you to leave a legacy without imposing debts.

What our customers are saying

Leo Dorsch

Enrique not only underwrote a meal at Jose Muldoon's where he presented a Medicare 101 class, he also met with me to discuss my Medicare options. He is patient and thorough and only wants the best for those who seek his advice as the plan that is best for me will net him ZERO in commissions. I recommend Enrique to anyone wanting an honest, patient, Medicare advisor.

Madeline Claborne

After many, many seminars and confusing information, meeting with Enrique at his seminar and his explanation of Medicare Advantage and Supplement, it was a much easier decision of choosing my insurance. And right on time!!!!

Deborah Chadwick

whoever you are if you need insurance this is who to call! I have been with the agency for 2yrs. Enrique is someone who listens to my needs and comes through every time. He is a warrior with a humble heart and deep convictions that guide his life and his practice. He is a bright star!

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