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We serve as a trustworthy Insurance Broker, we serve Centennial, Deer trail, Englewood, Foxfield, Greenwood Village, Columbine Valley, Dove Valley, Cherry Hills Village, Sheridan, Peoria, Dove Valley, Southglenn, Byers, Castlewood, and surrounding areas.

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The maze of Medicare options can be confusing, given the diverse plans and coverage intricacies. Our specialists offer adept counsel on the various components of Medicare, empowering you to make enlightened decisions regarding your healthcare coverage in retirement. Our mission is to secure the benefits you're entitled to, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of costs and coverage alternatives.


Under 65 Health insurance

Dive into the heart of healthcare empowerment with our experts on Health Insurance Marketplace. This transformative service, born from the Affordable Care Act, unravels a seamless journey in shopping for and enrolling in affordable medical insurance. The moment has arrived: discover eligibility for lower premiums or savings based on income. Navigate through captivating tiers – bronze, silver, gold, and platinum – each offering a diverse array of coverage options. Your healthcare destiny is guided by the impactful legacy of the ACA. Choose not just insurance but a pathway to a well-informed and empowered health future.


Final Expense

Elevate your understanding of financial security in retirement with Final Expense insurance. Crafted by an expert. Dive into the details of a whole life policy, boasting affordability, easy approval, and a small death benefit that prioritizes comprehensive funeral coverage. Let go of outdated policies designed for a different chapter of life. This is your chance to explore the compelling reasons why Final Expense insurance is becoming the go-to choice for seniors seeking a seamless, worry-free transition into retirement.


Life Insurance

Life Insurance, a beacon of financial security and a testament to enduring commitment. Join our expert guide on a journey into the heart of this contract, discovering how it transforms lifetimes of premiums into a legacy that guarantees your loved ones a stable future, providing solace in times of loss.


Dental, Hearing, & Vision Plans

Dive into the realm of Dental, Vision, and Hearing Plus insurance, a saga of total health mastery. Our expert guide illuminates the path where dental well-being, visual clarity, and auditory symphony unite. Uncover the treasures of orthodontics and implants. Preventive care can be your ally, liberating you from financial worries. Discover the insurance often underrated but pivotal against unforeseen health disruptions. Elevate your well-being and traverse a landscape where routine maintenance.


Hospital Indemnity Plans

Unveiling the hidden gem in healthcare protection, Hospital Indemnity. In my role as an expert, I unveil the strategic importance of this insurance in fortifying your financial health during unforeseen hospital stays. Explore with me the innovative approach of receiving cash payments directly, revolutionizing the way we navigate recovery without the weight of mounting bills.


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Opt for Cosi Agency, your haven of peace. Our commitment to your well-being sets us apart in health and life insurance. At Cosi, encounter personalized service and expansive coverage, transforming you from a policyholder into a valued individual. Explore tailored solutions prioritizing your health and financial security. With competitive rates and a devoted team, make the astute choice, embrace Cosi Agency, where your health and life are under expert care.

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Signs You Need Cosi Agency


Your earnings serve as vital support

Financial dependents, be it a spouse or young children, indicate the need to seriously contemplate life insurance. This protective measure guarantees the economic security of your family or partner in case of your passing, particularly if you bear considerable debts like mortgages or support individuals relying on your income.


Easing into Retirement Serenity

Embarking on Medicare's path? Let Cosi Agency be your personalized advisor. More than insurance, we provide individualized assistance, recognizing your distinct needs. Revel in the assurance of a companion securing your rightful benefits while simplifying the nuances of Medicare. Cosi goes beyond coverage; it prioritizes your well-being. Rely on us as your supporter, delivering transparency, competitive rates, and a devoted team. Personalized Medicare choices, a distinct expedition, and your tranquility our assurance. Choose Cosi Agency for a Medicare journey tailor-made for you.


Unfavorable health conditions

Ongoing maintenance of our mouth, eyes, and ears is crucial. Research consistently links good oral hygiene to better overall health, underscoring the importance of regular dental care. Frequently neglected, routine eye care is essential for eye health and general well-being. Those with hearing loss may experience isolation due to difficulties in communication. Prioritizing these facets contributes significantly to overall health, promoting a more fulfilling and interconnected life.


Struggle with unexpected bills

Known as burial insurance, final expense insurance covers end-of-life costs, including funeral, medical, and legal expenses for your beneficiaries. Relieve your loved ones from the financial burden associated with your passing. This coverage addresses funeral arrangements, nursing home expenses, and legal matters, providing a comprehensive solution. Especially valuable for those without existing life insurance, it secures coverage for your loved ones' expenses post-mortem. Many clients seek this coverage to prevent leaving debts or bills behind, ensuring a financially responsible legacy.

What our customers are saying

Gina T

Enrique is a caring, patient and well informed professional. He really took the time to give me detailed, accurate and personalized, guidance to make the entire process so much easier for me . I would highly recommend him!

Sharon Apricio

Enrique was helpful getting my insurance benefits set up and started in a timely and professional manner. He responded promptly to my questions.

Arma Eaton

I Appreciated Enrique's support in finding info r/t medicare choices. He gave me gave me valid information & let me make my choices with out any influence. I was satisfied with the end results.

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