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In the realm of insurance, our purpose as a broker is to provide dedicated service in Alamosa, Hoper, Mosca, Alamosa East, and surrounding areas.

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The intricate realm of Medicare plans can be likened to untangling a complex web of options and coverage intricacies. We specialize in delivering expert perspectives on the various dimensions of Medicare, empowering you to make informed choices regarding your retirement healthcare coverage. Our mission is to secure the benefits you qualify for, ensuring a transparent comprehension of costs and alternative coverage choices.


Under 65 Health insurance

Personally, I'm eager to unlock the gates to healthcare empowerment with our expert guidance. Tailored for savvy consumers, this revelation unveils a transformative service, simplifying the process of shopping for and enrolling in affordable medical insurance. You will discover eligibility for lower premiums or savings based on you income. Navigating through riveting tiers bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Each unlocks diverse coverage options. You healthcare empowerment is here. Seize control, join the journey, and make informed choices. The Health Insurance Marketplace is where your choices meet empowerment, tailored just for you.


Final Expense

Embark on a journey toward financial serenity in your senior years with Final Expense insurance. As your dedicated expert, I'll reveal the simplicity and affordability of burial insurance, presenting seniors with an accessible whole life policy. Picture a modest death benefit ensuring comprehensive funeral coverage, freeing you from the limitations of outdated policies that no longer match your retirement goals. Accompany me on this exploration, where we expose the reasons Final Expense insurance is becoming the favored option for seniors heading into a carefree retirement.


Life Insurance

In the pursuit of understanding Life Insurance, let me be your expert guide. It's not merely a financial commitment; it's my commitment to fortify your family's future. Join me as we explore the intricacies of premiums, beneficiaries, and the profound influence this legally binding pact can exert on your legacy.


Dental, Hearing, & Vision Plans

Allow me to immerse you in the legend of Dental, Vision, and Hearing insurance a holistic health revelation. Guided by our expert, witness the ballet of dental resilience, visual precision, and auditory serenity. This insurance, frequently underestimated yet paramount, emerges as a guardian against unforeseen health challenges. Elevate your well being alongside me, as we traverse a journey where routine maintenance evolves into a strategic defense.


Hospital Indemnity Plans

Let me guide you through the corridors of financial empowerment with Hospital Indemnity. In my role as an expert, I cast light on the path to a worry free healing process, underlining how this insurance transforms into your ally in navigating unforeseen hospitalization costs. Accompany me on this enlightening journey, securing both your health and financial well being.


Get in touch with Cosi Agency now to initiate your journey toward comprehensive security and tranquility. A simple click unveils exclusive life and health insurance options, setting you on the path to unparalleled peace of mind and financial assurance.


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Here at Cosi Agency, I'm proud of our distinctive commitment in health and life insurance. Enjoy personalized service and comprehensive coverage, transcending from a policyholder to a cherished individual. The meticulously tailored solutions you'll encounter emphasize your health journey and financial security. With competitive rates and a team wholly dedicated to your well-being, choosing Cosi Agency is a wise decision, guaranteeing expert attention to your health and life.

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Signs You Need Cosi Agency


Finding solace in the serenity of retirement

Start your Medicare journey with Cosi Agency, where we serve as your individual mentor, going beyond the standard realm of insurance to extend personalized support for your unique needs. Enjoy the security of a dedicated companion ensuring access to rightful benefits while unraveling the complexities of Medicare. Cosi embodies your well being, earning your trust as an ally committed to providing clarity, competitive rates, and a steadfast team. With personalized Medicare choices, your journey becomes individualized, and the assurance of peace accompanies you on your uniquely crafted Medicare path.


Why Your Income Matters More Than You Think

A spouse or young children relying on your income signals the essential need for life insurance. This pivotal financial safety net secures the economic well being of your family or partner in the unfortunate event of your death, delivering indispensable protection against substantial debts and the support needed for dependents.


Complications Unveiled: The Consequences of Neglecting Routine Health Checkups

Maintaining uninterrupted care for our mouth, eyes, and ears is crucial for optimal health. Ongoing studies consistently validate the positive influence of effective oral hygiene on overall well being, underscoring the significance of regular dental check ups. Routine eye care, frequently underestimated, emerges as a cornerstone for preserving eye health and holistic well-being. Those dealing with hearing loss may experience isolation stemming from communication hurdles. Placing priority on these elements is pivotal for comprehensive health, nurturing a more enriched and interconnected life.


Living on the Edge

Shield your loved ones from end of life expenses with final expense insurance, a crucial safeguard against financial burdens. This coverage encompasses funeral, medical, and legal costs, providing crucial relief from the financial strain accompanying your passing. Offering a comprehensive solution, it extends to cover funeral arrangements, nursing home expenses, and legal matters. Especially advantageous for those without existing life insurance, this coverage secures financial support for your loved ones' post-mortem expenses, ensuring a legacy free from burdensome debts.

What our customers are saying

Leslie Getzinger

Enrique Rivera is very knowledgeable about the Medicare process and options. He is able to communicate information in a way that’s easy to understand and make an informed selection. It was easy to work with him on what would have otherwise been a confusing decision making process.

Gina T

Enrique is a caring, patient and well informed professional. He really took the time to give me detailed, accurate and personalized, guidance to make the entire process so much easier for me . I would highly recommend him!

Arma Eaton

I Appreciated Enrique's support in finding info r/t medicare choices. He gave me gave me valid information & let me make my choices with out any influence. I was satisfied with the end results.

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